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Location of Job: Terrell, TX
When: Nov 1, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Kitchen Remodeling & White Cabinet Painting
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Brief Explanation

What Are The Struggles That Often Occur With Remodeling?

Remodeling can be a very trying time in the life of any fixer-upper job or project.

These stages can often make or break the look of not just one room or living area, but potentially the entire aesthetic of a house as well.

Add into the mix how many how often floorplans and modifications can look good on paper but can result in entirely different matters and it can be far too easy to become discouraged at times.

As work continues to progress on though, a fine line eventually forms between complete and utter chaos or stable, structured order and experience come into play.

Additionally, interior kitchen wall and cabinet painting is by far no exception to this teetering seesaw structure of home improvement.

Some remodelers and handymen focus more on speed rather than quality, while others may spend next to an entire day on painting only a handful of cabinets alone.

We pride ourselves on being the perfect middle for all your kitchen remodeling needs.

We never rush a project or make ourselves frenzied over the small stuff.

At the same time though, we work in an efficient and effective manner that doesn't require us working hour after hour on seemingly simple tasks.

Regardless of how large or intricate your project may be thought, you can rest easy knowing that we're your local, go-to service when it comes to Kitchen Remodeling in Terrell, TX.

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Terrell, TX
Client Testimonial
Came out in short notice. Got the job done correctly in a very timely manner. ~ T. Bacon - Dallas, TX

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1. When Can We Start Updating Your Kitchen?


We're able to assist most of our customers by starting on their remodeling needs within 24-48 Hours, if preferable.

At the same time though, we always do our best to provide Same-Day Services as well for those quick projects that may only require a couple of hours or so to complete.

The moment you give us a call, we'll set up an appointment time that works best around your specific schedule.

Our calendar is simple and straightforward, and you'll never have to worry about endless call-waiting dial tones or jumping through hoops just to speak with a real, in-person handyman how can help with your kitchen remodeling.

2. Isn't Remodeling and Renovating The Same?


Actually, while many people tend to use these two terms interchangeably, they are meant to refer to two different services.

Remodeling = This is used to better describe changing the look or arrangement of rooms or spaces in order to create a better looking, more aesthetically pleasing environment.

An example of this may include changing up how your kitchen cabinets are arranged or building out a fireplace to look much larger and more robust.

In Short: If it isn't broken, Rearrange it.

Renovations = This term is used to describe the process of restoring old homes or spaces back to their prior glory.

One of the most common types of renovations consists of purchasing a run-down property and then renovating it to make it look beautiful and livable once again.

In Short: Out with the Old, In with the New.

3. What Other Projects Do We Often Help Out With?


You name it, we've probably worked on it.

We cater to an enormous variety of work environments and project types such as:

- Living Spaces, Kitchen & Bath,

- Electrical, Carpentry, And Repairs

- Barndominium Restorations & Renovations

- Fencing, Fixtures, & Flooring

- Drywall, Decks, Door Hanging

- Showers, Light Switches, Short Circuits

- Tile, Grout and Caulking

- Odd Jobs, Miscellaneous And So On.

Whether you're remodeling your entire kitchen are or only need some help painting a few cabinets, we're happy to provide you with reliable remodeling solutions that are sure to satisfy.

4. What Makes Our Remodeling Projects So Remarkable?


We've conducted  More Than 30,000+ Projects, Remodelings, Repairs, and Improvements and we're still going strong to this day.

Our kitchen care and handyman experience is reliable and robust, and we make sure that everything is in order and correct the first time with anything and everything that we work on.

That's the Star Terrell Handyman Service Guarantee.

We've been working in the handyman and home maintenance sector for Over 15+ Years now, and with this much experience underneath our belts, there's very little out there that we haven't come to expect or anticipate when we're out doing day-to-day projects.

You'd be surprised at just how many things need to be looked at and addressed once a capable handyman is at your home.

Even after we've completed the work which we've been hired on for, we'd be delighted to have a look at any other aspects of your home that you feel may also need to be addressed and examined also.