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Job Details

Location of Job: Terrell, TX
When: Nov 19, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Home Interior Renovation & Installation
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Brief Explanation

What Portion Of This Customer House Was Being Renovated?

This was Phase 1 of a local Terrell resident's home renovation which we assisted with not too long ago.

For this project which worked on, we helped to revitalize one of the main interior living rooms within this customer's recently purchased house.

One portion of this renovation involved us installing some vintage laminate wood flooring which appeared to go beautifully with the freshly painted white-washed walls.

Wood floor installations tend to be fairly straightforward tasks that are rinse-and-repeat once one's done them enough times, such as in our case.

At the same time, if done incorrectly or lazily, an improper wood flooring installation can lead to disastrous results such as cockeyed alignments and long stretching cracks.

Thankfully, we strive to have a perfect balance in laying floorboards efficient without rushing through and messing it all up.

What Else Did We Work On During This Project?

After the fireplace touch-up was completed, we then went to work on installing a brand new gas fireplace assembly in place of the much older and less reliable setup.

This involved us having to clean up both the inner and outer hearth of the fireplace, reinstalling the screen afterward, then "firing” everything up once we were finished to ensure that everything was in well-working order.

Overall, since we’ve worked on many renovations projects such as these two, we were able to fulfill of our customer's needs within an effective and efficient manner (for Phase 1 of their renovation, at least).

When it comes to robust and reliable home touch-ups and improvements, you take confidence in hiring Star Services Handyman for the task since we're the go-to choice in regards to Interior Renovations in Terrell, TX.

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Terrell, TX
Client Testimonial
Came out in short notice. Got the job done correctly in a very timely manner. ~ T. Bacon - Dallas, TX

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1. Was This More A Renovation Or A Remodeling?


Many people tend to use these two terms interchangeably a majority of the time.

However, they are two separate terms for a reason in order to help convey two separate home improvement services.

Renovations = This term is used to describe the process of restoring old homes or spaces back to their prior glory.

One of the most common types of renovations consists of purchasing a run-down property and then renovating it to make it look more beautiful and livable once again.

In Short: Out with the Old, In with the New.

Remodeling = This is used to better describe changing the look or arrangement of rooms or spaces in order to create a better looking, more aesthetically pleasing environment.

An example of this may include changing up how your kitchen cabinets are arranged or repainting a couple walls here and there.

In Short: If it isn't broken, Rearrange it.

2. Why Are Our Renovations The Best In Terrell?


We've conducted More Than 30,000+ Projects, Remodelings, Repairs, and Improvements and we're still going strong to this day.

Our renovation and handyman experience is reliable and robust, and we make sure that everything is in order and correct the first time with anything and everything that we work on.

That's the Star Terrell Handyman Service Guarantee.

We've been working in the handyman and home renovating sector for Over 15+ Years now, and with this much experience underneath our belts, there's very little out there that we haven't already worked on or helped to improve upon.

Furthermore, you'd be surprised at just how many things need to be looked at and addressed once you have a capable handyman at your house.

Even after we've completed the work which we've been hired on for, we'd be delighted to have a look at any other aspects of your home that you feel may also need to be addressed and examined.

3. Can We Help With Your Other Home Projects?


You name it, we've probably worked on it.

We cater to an enormous variety of work environments and project types such as:

- Living Rooms, Kitchen & Bath,

- Electrical, Carpentry, And Repairs

- Barndominium Restorations & Renovations

- Fencing, Fixtures, & Flooring

- Drywall, Decks, Door Hanging

- Showers, Light Switches, Short Circuits

- Tile, Grout and Caulking

- Odd Jobs, Miscellaneous And So On.

From the biggest renovations to the multiple, minute touch-ups, we're your catch-all, local handyman service for all your home care needs.

4. How Soon Can We Work On Your Renovation?


If our schedule allows, we'll be able to come out and start on your renovation project Within 24-48 Hours or so.

At the same time though, we always do our best to provide Same-Day Services when applicable for those afternoon improvements that require an extra helping hand.

The moment you give us a call, we'll set up an appointment time that works best around your specific availability.

Our scheduling system is simple and straightforward to so you'll never have to worry about endless call-waiting dial tones or jumping through hoops to talk to one of our staff.

Once you call, you can feel confident in that you'll speak to a real handyman or one of our experienced, friendly customer service representatives. Every single time.