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Job Details

Location of Job: Terrell, TX
When: Nov 15, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Home Carpenter And Wooden Dock Repair
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Brief Explanation

What All Was Wrong With This Customer's Old Wooden Dock?

We helped some Terrell locals with a weekend project that they'd long been putting off and meaning to address.

These customers had an old dock that came under their ownership after recently purchasing a piece of property.

The structure stretched out into a quaint little pond, perfectly ideal for a relaxing afternoon in a lawn chair on a sunny day with a cold glass of sweet tea.

However, the main problem in the way of such a pleasant afternoon was that this dock was in complete disarray.

Rusty nails no longer held boards down, the wood was extensively weathered and warped from the elements, and no guard rails were present in protecting someone from an accidental slip or trip into the shallow pond below.

Thankfully, we're no stranger when it comes to completely revamping and repairing old, worn out wooden structures such as this one.

No matter what kind of different wood-related projects you may have been putting off, you can take confidence in hiring Star Services Handyman since we're your go-to service for Home Carpenter Repair in Terrell, TX.

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Terrell, TX
Client Testimonial
Came out in short notice. Got the job done correctly in a very timely manner. ~ T. Bacon - Dallas, TX

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1. How Did We Repair This Customer's Dock?


We tore out all the old boards and replaced them with some fresh, pressure treated wood that's not only much sturdier but far more weather resistant as well.

We also took the liberty of touching up the metal foundation some and adding onto it with a very rustic railing for added protection.

As a whole, this home carpentry repair project was a joy to work on, and our customers were absolutely in love with the stunning results that came out as a result of our experience craftsmanship and attention detail.

2. When Can We Help With Your Project?


We're often able to assist of our customers with their specific carpentry and wood projects Within 24-48 Hours.

At the same time, we always do our best to provide Same-Day Services as well whenever possible.

The moment you give us a call, we'll set up a personalized appointment time that works best around your specific schedule and availability.

Our scheduling is simple and straightforward, and you'll never have to worry about endless call-waiting dial tones or jumping through hoops just to speak with a local, in-person handyman.

The sooner you give us a call, the sooner we can help with all of your home's wood repairs!

3. What Local Areas Do We Service?


Star Services Handyman is based right here out of Terrell, TX, yet we able to assist the greater surrounding areas as well.

These areas include:

- Poetry

- Elmo

- Oak Ridge

- Talty

- Forney

- Kaufman Countty

- And Other Well-Known Locations As Well.

Not sure if we'll be able to come out to your area?

Simply give us a quick call to see if you're within our work range to help provide unparalleled home carpentry repairs and services to you.

4. Why Choose Star Services Handyman?


We've conducted More Than 30,000+ Home Repairs, Improvements, Projects, many of which have included carpentry work, and we're still going strong to this day.

Our home carpentry and handyman expertise is reliable and robust.

We make sure that everything is in order and correct the first time with anything and everything that we work on.

That's the Star Terrell Handyman Service Guarantee.

We've been conducting local wood for Over 15+ Years now, and with this much experience underneath our belts, there's very little out there that's able to catch us off guard.

Additionally, you'll likely be surprised at just how many things need to be looked at and addressed around the house once on have capable handyman service at your doorstep.

Even after we've completed the work which we've been hired on for, we'd be delighted to have a look at any other aspects of your home that you feel may also need to be addressed and looked at as well.

5. Can We Price Match Other Competing Services?


Yes, as a matter of fact we can.

So long as you're able to provide us with a competitor's price officially in writing, and for the same type of service and repair work, then we'll happily match their price.

Most of the time though, you'll find that even at our regular prices, our service excels at providing Quality Carpentry Repairs At Relatable Prices.

6. Are We Able To Work On Other Common Repairs?


You name it, we've probably repaired it at some point in time.

We cater to an enormous variety of work environments and project repair types such as:

- Living Spaces, Kitchens & Baths

- Electrical Work And Installations

- Barndominium Restorations & Renovations

- Fencing, Fixtures, And Flooring

- Drywall, Decks & Door Hangings

- Showers, Light Switches, And Short Circuits

- Tile, Grout & Caulking

- Odd Jobs, Miscellaneous, And So On.

We're Terrell's most trusted handyman service around, and we're qualified to help with every project repair type, need and style out there.