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Job Details

Location of Job: Terrell, TX
When: Oct 4, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Attic Exhaust Fan Installation And Replacement
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Ceiling Fan Installation Terrell, TX
Brief Explanation

How Did We Assist These Customers?

A customer in Terrell had the dome top of their attic fan ripped off during an excessively windy day recently.

This ended up leaving the entire inner workings of their fan fully exposed to the elements outside.

It also allowed for all types of external debris to leak and fall into the gaping hole that was now in the customer's attic at the time.

We came out to their location and installed a completely new attic fan to help keep their attic cool, fresh and properly circulated with fresh air.

Along with this, we installed a brand new dome to help patch up the huge hole that was in their roof.

These customers definitely made the smart choice in hiring us, one of the best services around when it comes to Attic Fan Installations in Terrell, TX.

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Terrell, TX
Client Testimonial
Came out in short notice. Got the job done correctly in a very timely manner. ~ T. Bacon - Dallas, TX

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1. Can Attic Fans Help Lower Your Electric Bill?


Surprisingly, when it comes to attic fans specifically, just a little bit of power can help to remove a lot of excess heat.

As a day in the life of an attic progresses, the sun's heat permeates through the space of your attic.

While soffit ventilation and roof vents help to reduce this built up heat a little bit, attic temperatures can still often reach up to 150°F, if not higher, without a proper working attic fan.

This stagnant heat can then influence the temperatures of your living space, and while your air conditioner may already be running at a high capacity, you'll likely need to crank it up even higher simply to help compensate for this heat leakage.

But once you add an attic fan into the mix, the situation turns around quite dramatically.

An attic that at one time was 150°F drops down to a much lower 90°F, and this also leads to your cooling system working as it properly should: efficiently and cheaply.

2. How Can A Faulty Attic Fan Be Precarious?


It's common knowledge that hot air rises while cooler air falls.

As a result, attics can easily become extremely hot and dry if air isn't properly circulating through and out of them.

This can lead to them becoming extreme fire hazard risk that, if not properly addressed and dealt with, could lead to very real and severe consequences in terms of your home's security and safety.

We take great pride in helping to ensure the safety of not just your home, but the wellbeing of your family as well.

Whether we're helping to completely renovate your home or just simply installing a brand new attic fan, you can trust that we've got you covered. Both inside and outside.

3. But Are We Able To Price Match Other Services?


Yes, we can!

So long as you're able to provide a competitor's price officially in writing, and for the same repair and part(s) if needed for the job, then we'll happily match their price.

Most of the time though, you'll find that even at our regular prices, our service excels at providing quality repairs at reasonable pricing.

4. What Makes Us Superb At Fan Installations?


We've conducted More Than 30,000+ Home Repairs, Improvements, Projects including attic fan installations and we're still going strong to this day.

Our home care and handyman expertise is reliable and robust, and we make sure that everything is in order and correct the first time with anything and everything that we work on.

That's the Star Terrell Handyman Service Guarantee.

We've been working in the handyman and home maintenance sector for Over 15+ Years now, and with this much experience underneath our belts, there's very little out there that we haven't come to expect or anticipate when we're out doing day-to-day projects.

You'd be surprised at just how many things need to be looked at and addressed once a capable handyman is at your home.

Even after we've completed the work which we've been hired on for, we'd be delighted to have a look at any other aspects of your home that you feel may also need to be addressed and examined also.

5. What Other Projects Are We Able To Work On?


You name it, we've probably worked on it.

We cater to an enormous variety of work environments and project types such as:

- Living Spaces, Kitchen & Bath,

- Electrical, Carpentry, And Repairs

- Barndominium Restorations & Renovations

- Fencing, Fixtures, & Flooring

- Drywall, Decks, Door Hanging

- Showers, Light Switches, Short Circuits

- Tile, Grout and Caulking

- Odd Jobs, Miscellaneous And So On.